Muzzle Threading

I specialize in the threading of rifle and handgun barrels for the installation of silencers. When threading a barrel for a silencer, it is critical that the work be performed with a high level of precision so as to preserve the firearm's potential accuracy. Unlike most gun shops who take shortcuts for their convenience, every barrel I thread is single-point threaded on a digitally controlled, tool room lathe, using custom made tooling.

"What is single point threading?", you ask. Single Point threading is when the lathe cuts the threads using a single V-shaped tool bit traveling along the linear axis of the barrel. This V-shaped tool bit only removes one one-thousandth of an inch of metal with each pass. It takes about twelve passes to cut an average thread extension. I use single point threading because it is the only way to make your threads perfect. I know from years of threading barrels that there is no substitute for perfection.

I also include a new complimentary target crown with every threading job, unless otherwise requested.

Note: it is always more cost effective to buy a replacement pistol barrel already threaded, than to thread an existing one.

Air Rifle Enthusiasts - I can even thread some air gun barrels to accept your favorite silencer. I threaded the barrel of an AirForce Talon to accept a Yankee Hill Manufacturing Mite and the results were amazing!! Please contact me for details ...