Terms of Service

All services are by appointment only.

Firearm transfers only when directly related to my gunsmithing services.

In addition to my Express Services, I also offer custom work as well as repair and restoration services on most Handguns, Rifles and Shotguns. My shop labor rate is $85 per hour.

Because I do most anything my clients request, I bill my shop labor by the hour quoting estimates of time on a case by case bases. I run a stopwatch for the duration of the service or repair and you pay the time when completed.

All firearms left for service must be pre-approved for 3 hours of time. The reason I require a 3 hour pre-approval on all firearms left for service is because I have found that most firearms can be effectively evaluated, detail cleaned (when necessary), and parts located (if needed) in 3 hours or less. By having approval ahead of time, I can perform any needed repairs without stopping for a consultation. You in turn benefit from my efficient use of time, and only pay for time spent on your gun. If any unforeseen problems are discovered or I think the work will run longer than 3hours, I will contact you as soon as possible.

Please be advised that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find quality parts for firearms not in current production. If your firearm requires hard to find parts, I will place an order with the manufacturer or the largest used parts dealer (Numrich Gun Parts). If the manufacturer or Numrich doesn't have the parts needed, it is my experience that you will probably not find them. If parts are not available, I will not be able to complete the repair until you provide them.

Please be advised that clients who leave firearms for service are responsible for paying my time, regardless of outcome. At this time, I only accept personal checks or cash for payment.