Trigger Jobs

Most trigger work averages 3 hours or less + parts.

Clients who know me will testify. If it can be done, Walt can do it! I can achieve really amazing results on most Handgun, Rifle and Shotgun triggers. If you have a poor trigger pull on one of your firearms, there is a very good chance that I can dramatically improve its performance.

A great trigger is one that allows the shooter to release the striker assembly with a clean light pull free from creep or excessive over travel and without ever compromising safety.

Many trigger systems can be re-worked without replacement parts. On average, a good hunting or sporting trigger pull weight will be around 3lbs. A target or competition trigger's pull weight will range from 2½ lbs down to 2oz.

For exclusive clients, I have even performed trigger work on quality Air Rifles such as AirForce, RWS, & Gamo.

This trigger job service is intended to address the single action release of a striker assembly. Firearms needing improvements to the double action cocking mechanism require an action job.